Friday, September 2, 2011

Gang Tattoos

Mentioned tattoo the word is derived from the Tahitian word "Tattoo". Some believe that tattoos go back for a long time in 12,000 BC But in recorded history can be traced back to the time and almost being built the great pyramids in ancient Egypt.
Has long used tattoos to identify people in many cultures. Tattoo culture of street gangs and prison gangs today is no different. Tattoos are worn street gangs, as well as the prison gang tattoo, by gang members for several reasons.
First, gang members will often tattoo many, especially if they have spent time in prison. This might be a gang tattoos include one or more of the symbols that the gang has adopted as something unique and used to identify gang members and it is. Gang tattoo may be a drop of tear worn under the eyes, and spider webs indicate the time in prison, such as the popular phrase "life killer".
Second, the tattoo is worn and used to intimidate. Many members, especially if he has a tendency to gang violence, will be the name of a gang tattoo in letters so large that other people or gang members will know what the person is a gang.

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